Top 10 venues to host your work Christmas party

Top 10 venues to host your work Christmas party
We’re coming into October which means Christmas is around the corner and the year is coming to a close. Now is the perfect time to begin planning your work Christmas party or end of year function – if you haven’t already!

These are the best venues to host your 2016 Christmas party or End of Year party.

1. Yacht Club
Enjoy a beautiful lunch with your teammates as you celebrate another successful year in the office. On a beautiful sunny summer’s day, nothing beats the outlook from a beautiful yacht club with wine, lunch and lots of laughs around the table as you remember the best times.

2. Charter Boat or Cruise

Looking for an intimate setting which encourages your employees to enjoy the entertainment and the scenery, but also stay at the venue until the end of the party? Look no further than a cruise which includes food, drinks and entertainment. With some fantastic entertainment cruises to choose from, your employees will be entertained for hours!

3. Winery

Enjoy a wine tasting experience to reward your employees for their hard work throughout the year. Bond over the flavours and enjoy a good laugh. There are a variety of packages to choose from including transport to and from each winery.

4. Golf Club

Australian Golf Clubs provide some of the finest function rooms and venues across the country. If you want a more intimate settle with or without a view, a Golf Club generally offers both options for your party.

5. Function Centre/Ballroom

If you’re catering for hundreds of employees, a simple option may be hiring a large ballroom, setting a fun theme that everyone can get involved in (and possibly that relates to your year or your company values) and focus on ensuring an evening of great celebration and entertainment. There are many large function centres and ballrooms that will cater for these events.

6. Amusement or Adventure Park

Are your work mates adventurous? They may be interested in something a little bit different this year… Celebrate the end of the year at an amusement park, adventure park or water park! It will be a lot of fun!

7. Zoo or Aquarium

Surround yourself with the animals! Bring out the wild side in your employees as you host your Christmas Party at the Zoo or Aquarium. Embrace your creativity with a Jungle Book-themed party! Remember to encourage your colleagues to dress up.

8. Activity Parties

Have you got an office full of doers? People you can’t hold down for a long time? Celebrate your Christmas Party with an activity including Putt Putt Golf, Ten Pin Bowling, Lazer Tag or Karaoke.

9. Picnic in a National Park

Do you want to host a party where your employees can bring their family to introduce and mingle? A picnic in your local National Park may be the perfect place for your team. Provide your own entertainment with lawn bowls and backyard cricket.

10. Restaurant

If you’re looking for a small intimate setting where your employees can come together and celebrate a busy but successful year, a restaurant can be a great venue for your party. Restaurants are a great venue for an end of year party because there's no clean up, it will have a nice atmosphere and all the catering is done - plus you can organise your own space in a function room!


Looking for more? Search the PartiesandCelebrations directory to find the perfect venue to host your Christmas or end of year party.

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