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Online Bookings for Businesses


Want to take online bookings for your business?

PartiesAndCelebrations can send online bookings directly to your business.

This a great way to get new customers and increase revenue, whilst giving our website visitors an efficient and easy way to book your services.

There is no fixed fee for receiving bookings, we only charge a commission on each booking that is booked and paid for. All future bookings made directly with you do not have a commission fee payable.

This commission is only charged on the initial booking through PartiesAndCelebrations. Future bookings made directly with you from this customer do not have a commission fee payable.

The commission includes all credit card and processing fees.


Don’t have a booking system?

If you don’t have a booking system, we can set one up for you via our online booking partner, Nabooki.

If you already have a booking system then please contact us to let us know who provides your existing system and we will assess if we can integrate with them to send bookings directly to your booking system.


You can start receiving online bookings immediately?

To set up online bookings, you must first create a Business Listing on PartiesAndCelebrations:
Create your Business Listing

If you already have a Business Listing in PartiesAndCelebrations then set up online bookings:
Set up online bookings


Find out more about PartiesAndCelebrations and Nabooki integrated booking system.

For more detailed information, please read our online bookings for businesses FAQ's.


Date Update: 10-11-2017 1:36 pm