Business FAQ's - Most Popular

For more general information about the Most Popular Awards Program, please click here.

  1. How do I know if my Business received an award?

    You should have received an email from us letting you know if you have received an Award.

    You can check the listing page for your business on PartiesAndCelebrations and if you have received an Award, you will see a Most Popular Award badge at the top of your listing page. Further down your listing page are listed all the Most Popular areas that you have received the Award for.

    You can also login into the Members Area and if you have received an Award you will see the Award badge on your dashboard and a "Your Award Badge" in the left hand side menu, where you will be able to download the badge.

  2. What is the benefit to my Business of receiving a Most Popular Award?

    The benefits to your business include:

    • Greater exposure across PartiesAndCelebrations and our social media properties, which will result in more visits and leads to your business.
    • Increased trust in your business, which will increase the likelihood of PartiesAndCelebrations website visitors selecting your business over your competitors.
    • Increased leads and customers for your business from other channels, if you use the Award badge to promote your business in locations other than the PartiesAndCelebrations website.

  3. What can our Business do to get the most out of this Award?

    In order to get the maximum benefits to your business consider the following:

    • Add the Award badge to your website.
    • Promote the Award to existing and potential clients.
    • Add the Award badge to your email signature and across any email campaigns for your business.
    • Display the badge on any other social media or digital properties that you own.
    • Add the Award badge to other business marketing materials.
    • Display the Award badge at your place of business.

  4. Where do I find the badge?

    If you have received the Award, you will find our Award badge in your Members Area.

  5. Where on my site should I add the badge?

    It is up to you but, the home page and any frequently visited and areas of your site would be great. The more of your visitors that see the badge the better, as it will show them that you are a popular and trusted business.

  6. How do I add the badge to my site?

    You will need to copy the code provided in your Members Area and paste it in your own website's HTML code. If you are not sure how to do this ask your web developer.

  7. Why is my Business showing for some Award Locations and not others?

    Rankings depend on the competition in each location, so you may have more competitors in some locations as compared to others.

  8. Do I need to claim my Listing for my Business to appear on the Most Popular Rankings?

    Yes, you need to claim your listing to be eligible to be part of the Most Popular rankings.

  9. Do I need to have a Featured Listing for my Business to appear on the Most Popular Rankings?

    No, all claimed listings, both Free and Featured Listings are part of the Most Popular rankings. However, upgrading to one of our Featured packages will enhance traffic and exposure across our website, thus increasing your visibility and the probability of you receiving an Award.

  10. Why didn't my Business receive a Most Popular Award?

    Your business was not ranked in the Top 25 for visits, engagement and positive reviews compared to your local competitors, in your specific location.

  11. What can my Business do to receive the Most Popular Award next year?

    There are a number of strategies you can follow to improve your rankings for the Most Popular Awards. These include:

    • Claim your listing if you have not done so already.
    • Add as much quality content as possible to your listing to improve engagement and click through rates.
    • Always keep your listing current and informative.
    • Write a long informative description of your business and the services you offer.
    • Include your logo, multiple images and videos of your business.
    • Ensure you have multiple contact information and this is kept up to date.
    • Ask your clients to add positive reviews.
    • Add more coverage options to your business listings to rank across multiple suburbs.
    • Promote all special offers that you have on your listing.
    • Add any events that you have on to your listing.
    • Upgrade to a featured listing to increase your exposure on our site and acquire more visits and leads.

    The more of the above that you have in relation to your local competitors, the higher the probability you’ll have to rank on our Most Popular pages. Some of the elements listed above can only be unlocked if you upgrade to a Featured Listing. Check our packages page for more details about the benefits of upgrading your listing.

Date Update: 22-03-2022 6:39 pm