5 fun entertainment ideas for your next event

5 fun entertainment ideas for your next event
Organising an event for your workplace can seem stressful. From having to sort out the food, venue and guest list, figuring out how to entertain everyone, it can all seem daunting. You already know nobody wants to attend the same-old work event, with lackluster entertainment. Lucky for you, there are plenty of exciting options to bring a breath of fresh air to your party, that won’t break the bank.

Having entertainment included in your corporate event is important to not only keep everyone captivated, but make your night memorable and a cut above the rest. When deciding on your entertainment choice for your party, make sure it is not out of place and integrates seamlessly into the function. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your choice, but ensure it’s appropriate for your style, theme and purpose of event.

1. Food and Drink Stations

If all else fails, you can be sure everybody loves food. Gone are the days of boring buffets and awkwardly waiting in line to fill your plate. Enjoy a more interactive take on serving food. From grazing tables, a chef rolling fresh sushi in-house, personalised signature cocktails or a delicious donut wall, there are lots of creative and yummy options available that will satisfy and captivate your guests.

2. Photo and video booths

Nobody can resist a photo booth. Make sure yours is packed with plenty of fun props and signs for your guests to use. Not only is this is a great way for your invitees to document the night, it also makes for a fun way to network, get people laughing and keep them entertained throughout the event. 

The next level of photo booths is the video booth. Get silly with props or bust a move for hilarious results. This is perfect for guests to share on Instagram or other social media platforms and gets everyone talking about your event.

3. Live music

Music is always going to amp up a party and live music is definitely going to get people up and dancing. Whether you decide on an epic cover band for a night of singalongs, or a DJ for a modern flare, live music is never a bad addition to include in your event.

4. Bartenders

Perfect for your next cocktail event or a networking session after a conference, having a bartender on site mixing drinks is sure to add a touch of flare to your next event. You can even create a signature cocktail for the evening that will make your function all the more memorable.

Sit back and enjoy captivating freestyle performances behind the bar as they mix your drinks. Some shows can even include flaming bottles and fire breathing acts! These type of interactive events will bring the wow factor and get the party started.

5. Karaoke

A classic team bonding experience that is sure to bring people out of their shells. Nobody can resist the sirens call of an 80’s anthem. This is a great excuse to get your team together and break down walls. And of course, it’s bound to encourage a few laughs and a good time.

Have fun!

Make sure to let your own hair down on the night of the event. Take the lead in getting involved and encourage your guests to take part themselves. Plus, organising an event is stressful business, so take some time to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

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