How to bring your kids party theme to life

How to bring your kids party theme to life
There are two keys to hosting a highly successful party for your child – early planning and choosing a great theme they will love. To really bring the theme to life, make it a fancy dress theme and encourage all the guests to dress up too.

1. Keep it simple
The beauty of choosing a theme for a kid’s party is that everything can be built around that theme. If you keep it simple, for example their favourite TV show, the kids will be excited about it and able to really enjoy the creative spirit of the party.

2. Choose decorations to match
If you plan the party early enough, you’ll be able to take your pick of decorations. You can choose goodies that match the theme for their goodie bags, put streamers and balloons matching the theme’s primary colours around the entertainment area, and you’ll be able to select some really cool (and inexpensive) prizes for all the games that you’ll play!

3. Select appropriate entertainment
Whether it’s a magician, a fairy, a superhero or just a playlist of music, ensure you choose some entertainment that will suit the theme of the party and surprise your kids. Every kid wants to meet their favourite character aligned to their favourite theme – if Pepper Pig came to visit, they will never forget it!

4. The magic in the menu
One of the more fun elements of planning a kid’s party is ensuring that the food aligns with the theme. For example, if you’re having a fairy theme, fairy bread and fairy cup cakes are ideal! The cake is the grand-finale, so ensure what you choose gets your kid excited – you can search our directory for cake decorators to assist you.

5. Selecting incredible invitations
Once you have a theme, choosing the ideal invitation for your kid’s party should be simple. You can find invitations by searching our directory for kids party invitations and stationery.

6. Theming some great games
It’s fairly easy to theme the games you play just by being conscious of your music and prize choices. Use the show theme song other music from the show in games such as pass the parcel. Also ensuring the prizes all come back to the theme or are interactive and fun if they don’t (for example mini pinball games are a hit!)


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