The Bar (rising it higher or lower)

The Bar (rising it higher or lower)
Two things can become a worry here for the bride and groom at their wedding – one involves the bar tab and the other involves drunk people.

What is the correct bar tab amount of supplied alcohol to give that won’t make you look stingy but also allows people to enjoy themselves?

Well I’m not going to tell you a cash amount here but give you a few tips to cut things back a little.

The ceremony doesn’t need to include alcohol (yes I said it) – actually if you want people to focus on you and the ceremony, alcohol might be the wrong tactic. A water and juice drink station will suffice.

After the ceremony (yes after), and if you must serve alcohol, serve low alcoholic bubbly (girls won’t actually know if it’s full strength or not) and low alcohol beer (the guys will know, perhaps complain a little, but take one anyway - trust me). The trick with both of the low alcohol options is this – both will fill them up, leaving them with the ability to actually drink less later on.


Because the ability to drink more relies on the brain being intoxicated/confused and not registering it is full. Once the brain registers your stomach is full it is very hard to convince to keep putting more in it.

Off to the reception – now it’s your choice if you want to serve spirits at your wedding or not (I suggest that beer, wine and soft drinks will be fine) If you are a spirit drinker yourself (completely acceptable for you or your wedding party to receive special treatment- have the bar staff serve your drinks in glasses, not premix bottles - let’s not run their noses in it)

Here are some other ways to save on the bar tab:

1. Have a day wedding

2. Fill toasting champagne half full – most people never actually finish the toast drink

3. Offer limited beers (three types); limited wine (two white, one red) and two types of soft drinks (Coke and lemon squash); one water

4. If you must have spirits, create a signature cocktail list (two will be fine). This will be the only spirit served on the night - call them names like bridal breezers, the other best man etc … have fun making names up.

5. Place the only wine available in a tub of ice on the table, and the best kept secret of getting beer drinkers to slow down or literally stop is to serve the
desert early (cake and ice cream) and make sure everyone gets some. Why? Because beer with ice cream/cake causes a chemical reaction and bloating. It is very hard to drink another beer when it’s all bubbling down there.

*Note : If you think you’re going to have a problem with drunkiness then you are probably inviting the wrong people to your wedding, invite the people you want at your wedding that you like whether they are sober or drunk.

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