7 tips to controlling a party for your teenager

7 tips to controlling a party for your teenager
Your rebellious teenager wants to celebrate their birthday, immediately you feel your blood pressure go up. Thoughts flood your mind – crowd control, appropriate behaviour, underage drinking… here’s some strategies to ensure the party stays under control.

1. Hire security
Ensuring the party remains an invitation only event will be important. Hiring security staff to oversee the party will help you feel assured that numbers won’t get out of control.

2. Set the boundaries
Put limits on how many friends they can invite and ask to see the guest list before invitations are sent out. Be curious and ask about people you haven’t met and how they know them. This will ensure the right people are attending which can be the difference between a safe and respectful party and something that’s out of control. Also ensure your teen is aware that any behaviour which is illegal (including drugs and alcohol) will cause the party to be cancelled immediately.

3. Set a timeframe
The invitation should include the start and finish time so parents and carers know when they need to return to pick them up. Ensure you are clear that the end time means the party is over and everyone needs to go home – don’t make it too late because you could have a big clean up the next day, and there may be noise restrictions you need to pay attention to.

4. Keep it off social media
If your teen wants to host a party put conditions down – such as keeping it off social media, with the threat of cancellation if it goes up. This will also help mitigate the risk of gate crashers turning up.

5. Alert neighbours and the police in advance
Let neighbours and police know you are hosting a party in advance. They may have some ideas that need to be taken into account when organising the party, including limiting noise. Your neighbours will appreciate it and it helps the police to prepare if needed.

6. Secure the premises
As much as you can, ensure the premises where the party is being held is secure and ensure your security are monitoring any weak spots.

7. Organise food with your teen
Plan a menu with your teen’s help – you don’t want them to be disappointed or embarrassed by the menu on the evening. Pizza is easy, a barbeque or spit roast can also be easy but challenging if there are many people in a confined space. Also ensure there is plenty for everyone to drink.


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