How to host a pamper party

How to host a pamper party
If you're thinking of having a pamper party for a special occasion, this article could give you everything you need to make it a great success. This article includes step by step things you could consider for your upcoming event.

1. Start with the basics

A lot of your decisions for your pamper party include the basics - depending on the occasion, what suits you and what will suit your guests, will determine your date and time of your pamper party.

Whether it's a birthday party, bridal shower, girls' pamper weekend, mums' spa day, hens party, baby shower or a work function - party pampers are available for all different kinds of occasions!

2. How many guests are coming?

For a larger group of guests, you might prefer to host it in hours away from lunchtime or dinnertime, so you can serve smaller snacks rather than bigger meals.

But for a smaller pamper party you might go out afterwards for dinner or just lounge around. This may give you a lot more flexibility in what you decide to do.

3. When are you hosting it?

The time you decide to host your pamper party can make or break its success. Here are a few tips that may help:

- If it's a spa day for mums without the kids, you may like to host it during the day in school hours (no baby-sitters required!) - If it's hens party or girls-get-together host it on the weekend - If it's a bridal shower, baby shower or birthday with friends and family, host it during the day on the weekend to suit everyone - If you're booking holiday accommodation for the event, remember check-in is generally around 2pm - If you're thinking of doing it as a work function, then afternoon, close to finishing time - because it's a great way to wind down

4. Where to host your pamper party?

The number of guests attending will determine where you can organise your pampering. Here are some contributing factors that will help you to decide:

- If you are on a budget with a lot of guests - there are two options:

  * Have it at home or someone's place (the most cost effective option)

  * Ask your guests to share the expenses so you can all stay somewhere nice (a hotel, apartment or house)

- If you're hosting a lot of guests at home, make sure there is plenty of space in the pampering area for everyone

- If you're hosting a lot of guests in a hotel, make sure you book something with a large lounge and bedroom areas. You'll need 2-3 rooms

- For a more luxurious atmosphere, have fewer guests and book a hotel or apartment with an ocean view.

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